Watercolor Travel Kit (Cakes)

Watercolor Travel Kit (Cakes)

This all-in-one set provides you with everything needed to paint with watercolors on location. Enclosed in a hard plastic case are 12 Artist Watercolors in cakes with six extra wells to customize your palette. This unique set also includes: two travel brushes, a water bottle, a water tray, a mixing palette, a natural sponge and a draw string carrying bag. Bringing your watercolors with you has never been easier.

Set Contents:
[table width=”800px”]
Permanent Alizarin Crimson,Cobalt Blue Hue, Water Bottle
Opera, Ultramarine Deep, Water Tray
Vermilion Hue, Burnt Umber, Mixing Palette
Permanent Yellow Light, Burnt Sienna, Natural Sponge
Gamboge Nova, Yellow Ochre, Carrying Bag
Viridian Hue, No.2 Round Travel Brush,
Hooker’s Green, No.8 Round Travel Brush,


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