Set of 18 Colors (5ml)

Set of 18 Colors (5ml)

W403 is a set of 18 Artist Watercolors in 5ml tubes.

Set Contents:
[table width=”800px”]
Item #, Color Name,,
W010, Crimson Lake, W034, Yellow Ochre, W097, Prussian Blue
W012, Rose Madder, W066, Permanent Green No.1, W112, Mineral Violet
W019, Vermilion Hue, W067, Permanent Green No.2, W134, Burnt Sienna
W032, Jaune Brillant No.2, W061, Viridian Hue, W133, Burnt Umber
W035, Permanent Yellow Lemon, W096, Compose Blue, W138, Ivory Black
W037, Permanent Yellow Deep, W091, Cobalt Blue Hue, W002, Chinese White


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