Artist Oil Color

The manufacturing process in each of the preparation, mixing, grinding, adjustment and filling stages is monitored by reference to optimum quality standards. Throughout the production process, Holbein chemists ensure its quality standards by test inspection of pigment purity, color tone, applicability and adhesion, physical stability, light stability, thermo stability and anti-bacterial stability. The result is a World-Class artist quality oil color without equal.


Choose from 7 whites in 50, 110, 170 and 330ml sizes

The successful Oil colorist knows that of all the colors used, the quality of white is critical. Ground 4 to 5 times, the Holbein superiority will be obvious to the user. There are six painting whites and one under painting/foundation white, all of which are high percentage pigment colors, namely: Titanium White. Permanent White SF (Super Fine), Zinc White, Silver (Flake/Lead) white, Ceramic White and Quick Drying White (an under painting white), all in poppy oil. Economically priced Permanent White EX (Extra Fine) in Safflower Oil.


Permanency Rating:
**** Absolutely Permanent
*** Permanent
S – Leaden Chemical origin colors, should avoid admixture with sulfide origin colors.

Holbein Foundation Colors

Available in 110ml tubes.


Holbein Transparent Glazing Colors

Available in 20ml tubes.


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